Sunday, April 25, 2010

You get to decide what we buy from the US.

Our title says it all. We're looking into buying branded goods from the US. But we need to know what you guys would buy so that both us sellers and you buyers are happy. =D

If you would like a particular brand or item, please just email us the item name or picture(preferably) and wait for our reply. We're currently looking into Marc Jacobs or Marc by Marc Jacobs. If you're a fan, do tell us. Cuz we certainly are. =D. If you would like any particular totes or items, please tell us and we'll try to get them. Do note that the price range would be cheaper than the retail price but don't expect these branded items to cost RM50 or below. Name your budget but please be reasonable. Expect the range to be RM100+, which is WAYYYY cheaper than the typical branded price. (we know this cuz we buy them)

If you're free, please participate in our survey below to help us help you (: We actually really only have one question ... :P

THE QUESTION : Would you buy new authentic US imported branded labels such as Marc Jacobs, Marc by MarcJacobs, Miss Sixty, Coach, Juicy Couture etc at prices around RM80-RM200+ ??


Please email us !!