Monday, June 21, 2010

It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone, and I need you now.

Great news sinners ! We've finally organized our sister blog,
Red Carpet Masquerade !!! ( )

All the items left on the blog are still available for sale. We have already removed all posts & pictures of sold items to make your shopping experience smooth & easy. =D All prices in red are already FURTHER REDUCED. (:

So please support our sister blog. We're the same team running both websites anyway. :D Please be on the look out for further updates as we're STILL clearing our closets. There's still much more to come so please be patient as we slowly update during the upcoming weeks. We love you sinners!

Y7DS Team

Thursday, June 3, 2010

You know you love us.

We know we've fallen off the face of Earth recently. And we're sorry, but our major exams have JUST passed. We would like to thank you sinners who have given us feedback on our survey. We may look into the brands you sinners have suggested. (: All comments and feedback are GREATLY appreciated so THANKS for taking the time to email us. =D

We would like to inform you guys that our crazy NOTHING UNDER RM30 AND NOTHING UNDER RM50 SALE will become even crazier with more slashes. We're making room for closet space cuz we're gonna SHOP SHOP SHOP this month !!! Updates on the sale will come soon. Do note that shipping fees will not be bargained. So if you intend to cheat the hell outta us, please don't shop here. We are fair and equal so please respect us like how we respect you. (:

Moving on, we'll be posting MORE UNSEEN preloved/new clothes and such in the coming week ! Bout' time we updated, right ? XD Just keep on the lookout for our updates and snag up great, fashionable items ! Branded items like NEW Juicy Couture and others will also be up for grabs. Don't miss out! (:

We love you sinners ! <3

Till then,
Y7DS Team